Although we expect that we can facilitate this year’s run without having to think about Covid it is still something we must take in to consideration when planning an event like this.

We want to be 100% transparent when it comes to the initiatives we consider and we will always follow the advice from the UK Foreign Office as well as UK Athletics.

For 2021 these are some of the initiates which we will implement to ensure we are as Covid safe as we possibly can be:

  1. The start of the race may be staggered over a large window of up to 30min, with physical distancing measures inlace throughout.

2. All aid-stations will be set up for runners to serve themselves to minimise touch points with crew members

3. We will have additional marshalls in place in the start area to ensure runners maintain appropriate spacing between each other throughout the start process.

4. If required we will allocate individual time slots for bib collection on the day to avoid non-essential gatherings.

5. Cones and markers will be used to ensure a one-way system when walking around the warm-up, starting area and finishing area.

Although it is worth mentioning that the above probably won’t impact the run this year, it is something we feel we must make clear to all runners prior to sign up as it might have an effect on how thing will run on the day (no pun intended)

There is nothing we would like more, that to be able to organise this run without having to even consider Covid as a factor but sadly after 2020 we just can’t be sure any longer.

Thank you for your patience and continued support of The Treehouse 10K Run

The Treehouse 10K Planning Group