Throughout the lockdown we’ve been hoping that we would be able to reschedule the 2020 Treehouse 5k, 10k and bunny run for this autumn.  However, given that there is still so much uncertainty about when any large gatherings or sporting events can take place, we’ve decided to change this to a virtual run.  

How does this work?  
Well, during the month of August, you run your planned distance (5k, 10k or, for bunny runners, any distance).  Then send us evidence of your run, and we will then send you one of our famous handmade wooden medals.  

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You can do the virtual run anywhere, including on the actual route, your own route or even on a treadmill.  There won’t be any trophies for coming first – we can’t compare runs done on different days and over different routes, but we’re looking forward to seeing how imaginative your route setting or costumes can be, so please share your photos with use via Facebook or email!

What do I need to do next?
If you have already entered, you have three options:
Option 1 – Virtual Run.   By default, all runners will be entered into the virtual run.  So, all you need to do is complete your run during August and send evidence either to our Facebook page or email to Evidence can be a screenshot from a Garmon, Fitbit, phone app etc, or a photo, and should be submitted by 10th September.   For bunny runners, tell us how far you ran so you get a personalised distance on your medal.  We will post your medal to you at the address you gave when you registered, so please let us know if you have moved.  

Option 2 – Donate your entry.  To do this – just do nothing -but thank you!

Option 3 – Claim a refund.  To do this, please email stating the name of the person who made the payment.  We will refund the credit card or PayPal account on which the original payment was made.      

Reopening entries 
We have reopened entries for the virtual 5k, 10k and Bunny Run, so why not encourage a family member or friend to enter, just click here.  Entries close on 31st July.

We hope that the virtual run will bring a challenge to aim for and some fun.  We’re really grateful to all our runners, your entry fee helps towards our goal of building a new school – the Treehouse School is 100% funded by charitable donations.  We really look forward to welcoming you to the 2021 run which, all being well, will run next spring.

All the best,

The Treehouse 5k, 10k and Bunny Run Team.  
P.S.  Here is one of the School’s lockdown projects to make you smile.