Donate to plant a tree in lieu of receiving a runners’ t-shirt

Following the run in 2021 we asked all participants to provide us with some feedback, and with more than 120 runners returning our questionnaire we ended up with a great amount of responses.

One of the subjects that was brought up by a lot of runners was our t-shirts, which we have offered to all runners since we started out a full 8 years ago. A lot of suggestions were brought to the table and after long deliberation we have come up with the solution outlined below.

This year, all participants are being given the option to either buy a T-shirt or pay for a tree to be planted locally in Cholsey. For every entry, The Treehouse School, in conjunction with Cholsey Environment Champions, will plant a tree to help local nature thrive.

Though we go to great lengths to ensure the Treehouse 10K has minimal environmental impact, the production of T-shirts leaves its footprint on the earth whether in energy use, water use or the release of carbon in the atmosphere, all having a negative impact on our environment and contributing to climate breakdown. Planting a tree however, has a positive effect on our environment, creating vital habitat for wildlife, reducing soil erosion, preventing flooding and absorbing carbon dioxide. In fact only coal and car emissions were ranked as higher priorities at last years COP-26 Conference in Glasgow!

Every time a participant chooses to plant a tree rather than receiving a t-shirt, a native tree will be planted in or around Cholsey. When booking your place at The Treehouse 10K or 5K please let us know which option you would like by using the drop down menu.